The sun was hot, but the tracks were hotter – The Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team Media Test Drive

The Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team

The Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team held a media test drive today at the Sepang International Circuit, PK4 Parking. We had a chance to see the Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 in action, with drivers Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson blazing the tracks. It was exciting to see how fast the car went and how skillful the drivers were in taking the curves and corners. And we were even told that the cars and the drivers are only performing 60% of their capacity and capabilities, which leave us wonder how fast can they go further.

We even had the opportunity to meet the drivers and co-drivers, Bill Hayes and Stephane Prevot in person for a short chat. Now, we hope to talk to them more and to share some of their thoughts before the Malaysian Rally begins this 24 and 25 April in Johor. So, be sure to come back as we will share more photos of the test drive today (and some behind-the-scenes shot) and more news to come.

P.S. Speaking of behind-the-scenes shot, we managed to catch Alister getting ice-cream from the ice-cream vendor. Not something you see everyday. 🙂 Scroll down all the way below. To see more photos, join us at our Facebook.


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  1. lucky ice-cream man………

  2. Tats the way to go PROTON!! Keep us posted of all the happenings.
    And to Alister McRae, i’m ur big fan 😉

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