Satria Neo Super 2000 in action

As you’ve probably read in the first posting, the PROTON R3 Malaysia Rally Team held a media test drive today at the Sepang International Circuit. The PROTON Satria Neo Super 2000 was in action, with drivers Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson behind the wheels.

There’s just something about fast cars that exhilarates ones’ senses. The thrill of being in a high speed vehicle is indeed quite an experience.

The drivers were quite a friendly bunch, and humble too. They seemed at ease with the sun, and were generous with their smiles. They pleasantly posed for the cameras and we had quite a number of shots.

To see more of these shots, head on to our Official PROTON SATRIA NEO SUPER 2000 Facebook page at!/pages/OFFICIAL-PROTON-SATRIA-NEO-SUPER-2000/99550528545?ref=ts There’s even a shot with our local ice-cream man, when the guys decided to cool down local style!

This time around, we had the opportunity to speak with Bill Hayes on and off during the event. Bill, if you’re reading this, you rock! Hayes is a super informative and humble guy, and he was more than happy to brief me on just about anything. He even helped me hold my ice-cream while I fished for a pen in my bag to write down his number, and all the while I was nervously checking to see if he was going to take a nibble off it. Luckily he didn’t…:p

I must say I had quite an educational experience. I didn’t get to ride with the drivers but just watching the Neo in action was exciting enough. The cars weren’t utilized to their full capacity today, so it must be really thrilling to see it at full speed. One could see the amount of effort that went into the development of this car.

I asked Hayes about the driver’s driving habits when on normal roads, and whether they found themselves driving a little too fast at times out of habit. He immediately replies to the negative. Safety is their first priority and the drivers actually navigate at very moderate speeds when on normal roads.

“There are other outlets for those who love speed. Motorsports is one such example. But never on the roads.” he said.

Heard that guys and girls? Speed kills. So stop speeding. This is your friendly community service message from PROTON’s R3 Malaysia Rally Team.

We promise more on the drivers in posts to come….so stay tuned for more news and updates during the seven-round Asia Pacific Rally Championship, which starts later this month with our home event, the Malaysian Rally (24-25 April).

*The Motorsports team will be touring with the drivers and their next stop will be the APRC in Johore Bahru. For more information on the APRC, read it here.


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