Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team – out and about in Kuala Lumpur

It’s been a busy week for the Malaysian Rally team and all of us in the Motorsports team. Many events were organized, from media drives to interviews and being present at official events. The drivers McRae, Atkinson, Hayes and Prevot remained all smiles throughout.

But no matter how tiring it gets, we are happy to be a part of a team that will be involved in an international event. The APRC is broadcast to a TV audience of 390 million in over 180 countries and we expect a large following of rally fans to arrive in Johore for the first race of APRC. Quite exciting indeed.

So what have our drivers been up to? We hear they’ve have been spending their free time in the country being pampered with massages and sampling our local delicacies. Some have even tried our ‘Laksa’ and by the looks of it, they like it. Was it spicy? They say it wasn’t. Quite impressive…maybe next time we’ll serve them some nasi goreng cili padi (Bird’s eye chilli fried rice) and ask them the same question…;)

We managed to visit the team at work after flagging off the drivers at Putrajaya. In case you missed it, the Proton R3 Malaysia Rally team received the Jalur Gemilang from Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek in a ceremony held in Putrajaya, marking R3’s participation in the APRC. Indeed, we’re so proud to be able to represent the nation in an international event and we believe that we will be able to make it through the first leg of the APRC.

Brave McRae fielding questions from the media during the Q&A session..:)

Brave McRae fielding questions from the media during the Q&A session..:)

The drivers headed to Johore soon after while the team made their way back to PROTON’s R3 workshop to pack up. We checked out the team’s equipment there. And when we mention equipment, we’re talking about containers and nothing else…:p Our kind colleague Gary Lee from the R3 division(a former rally driver himself), gives us a quick tour and rundown on all things container.

Basically team containers are huge rectangular spaces that are typically used by the team to store all sorts of items from the driver’s cars to spare parts, tools and supply vehicles. Lee tells us that the containers can store up to 3 cars at a time, having elevated ramps that will enable the team to stack the cars above existing ones.

The team loading up their container, getting it set for the trip to Johore. Here you can see the cars are already loaded into the container.

The container also doubles up as a working space for the mechanics. An air conditioned one too.

Interior view of the team container. Note the safety features.

Interior view of the team container. Note the safety features.

Cars in the containers are not just rally cars. Sometimes there are reconnaissance vehicles in there as well.

For those who aren’t aware of what reconnaissance vehicles are, they’re actually high speed vehicles used for testing. During reconnaissance, the co-driver writes down notes on how to best drive the stage. Usually the drivers call out the turns and road conditions for the co-drivers to write down. These pacenotes are read aloud through an internal intercom system during the race, enabling the driver to anticipate the upcoming terrain and thus take the course as fast as possible.

That’s all for now, folks.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures and event updates all week long as we are down in Johore to follow the team as they prepare for the rally this weekend… 🙂


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