Malaysia Rally Day 2 – It’s about strength, but above all… spirit

It’s Day 2 of the rally. My colleagues woke at the crack of dawn. No wait. Yours truly had to wake them up at the crack of dawn!! Then a quick breakfast at the hotel lobby and off to Saujana it was for Rally Day 2.

Feeding me info from site, I find out that it’s a wet morning over there. My favourite friend McRae (Sorry Bill, you’re now in second place…:p) who was leading yesterday did SS9 and  SS10 with impressive timing.  Then disaster struck as he was revving to launch. All of a sudden the engine died followed by smoke from the engine compartment. And so we sadly watched McRae retire from the race due to a damaged radiator that caused the engine to fail just before SS11. At SS10, McRae took a big jump and when the car landed the impact caused damage to the radiator. This is after all motorsports, everything being pushed to it’s limits and all.

And we’re proud of McRae’s achievements, because despite everything, he finished the Special Stages in the fastest time among all the other drivers…:-)

So we now wait in hope for Atkinson, who at the time this post was written, is in 3rd position. And of course, keeping the Malaysian flag flying high on a Sunday morning.

I’ll be back later with more updates. Meanwhile, we leave you with a picture of Bill looking dramatic…:D



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  1. Bugger about the radiator… another great “what if…” still well done on day 1..

    Must practice looking more dramatic Bill..

    Will follow the rally exploits here.. or see you on the Trails…


  2. i’m very proud of proton.

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