The Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team – Day 1 Recaps


Day 1 of the Rally Malaysia APRC Round 1 Johor is over, and at the end of Day 1, McRae was leading the rally. It was an exciting day for the Malaysia R3 Rally Team, with our boys scoring some pretty good results.

The weather was hot and dry throughout the day except for a sudden downpour in the final Special Stages 2 which caught the drivers offguard as they were on dry tyres. Atkinson suffered an electrical problem in his car at stage 1 and lost 18 minutes but he more than made up for it.

And by now you’d have already known the results for Day 1. If you haven’t then click here.

The Four drivers who retired on day 1; were Karamjit Singh at stage 1 due to suspension problems, Yayu Sumiyama who off-shot an intersection, while his team-mate Hiroshi Yanagisawa hit a tree resulting in extensive damage. Yanagisawa made it to the end of Stage 4, but retired soon after.  Final driver to retire was Tomohide Hasegawa at stage 7 when he got stuck in a drain.

Nevertheless, kudos to all the drivers for putting on a good race. The ‘retirees’ restart again today so we will see more action …:)


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  1. sweet finishing okey.

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