Coming Soon:Rally Hokkaido

Rally Hokkaido is coming up soon and we’re leaving early next week.

So what has the team been up to lately? They’re all back with their families and preparing for the next round of rallying at the same time.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the scene for Rally Hokkaido.

The weather
We understand it’s now early spring and with little chances of rain. Late May is the season in which 8 Tokachi has 15 hours of daylight. Temperatures may drop to 8 degrees c at night and up to 18 degrees in the day.

The Tokachi countryside is similar to some of the northern States of the US, and some people have compared the Special stages with those in Wales. It is relatively flat and agricultural. A mountain range running north / south divides the island and another mountain range runs from the middle range to the west and these two ranges protect Tokachi from the weather.

We’re informed that the rally roads are in the flat Tokachi basin and some head into the foothills of the mountain ranges, but the route is not mountainous.

Spectator scene
The local people are very enthusiastic about motor sport. International rally events have taken place since 2001. From 2004 to 2007, WRC was also held here. So rallying is well understood and supported by the locals, which is great news.

2009 winners
In 2009 Cody Croker and co driver Ben Atkinson won the rally in their Subaru Impreza. Ben is also Chris Atkinson’s brother…

More on Hokkaido in the next few days….stay tuned!


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