Rally Hokkaido – in the land of Sushi

Sushi is everywhere here (obviously!). We’ve had pretty much nothing but sushi since we got here. Tastes pretty good and fresh, way better than the ones we have back home. We had some awesome ramen late last night after a long and tiring day, and in such cold weather it was a delight to have something so warm and tasty.

Ramen cost us around 680 yen. By the way that’s chicken meat.

Obihiro is a quiet city. We’re still getting used to the serene setting, since we come from one of the most busiest and exciting cities in the world; let’s give it up for Kuala Lumpur! I’m sure some of us here are missing our mamak stalls already. I know I will be having tosai withdrawal symptoms in another day or two but right now I am good, enjoying the wonderful food here whenever we have the time.

Sushi set costs around 1,300 yen

Today the second round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) 2010, kicks-off.  It appears to be a competitive setup, with the rally comprising of 18 challenging stages covering a total of 220.97 km. It’s a mix terrain. There may be snow in some forest stages which may complicate conditions and slow down cars. In short, the pace of our cars will be dependent on the unpredictable weather so let’s cross our fingers.

We’ll be back tonight to post a recap of the day and more pictures. Stay tuned, be good.


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  1. Hope PROTON does really well to keep the Malaysian flag flying.

    Are there any Malaysian TV broadcasters there to cover the event? Its good for poeple back home to know the many ways and the many people who work hard to give a Malaysian brand a higher profile.

    Keep up the good work, Team PROTON!


  2. I envy your style, the fact that your blog is a little bit unusual makes it so interesting, I get bored of reading the same stuff all of the time. bookmarked

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