300hp vs 1500hp

proton s2000 vs heli

The Proton S2000 vs the AGL rescue helicopter at the Sunshine Coast Airport

At the Sunshine Coast for the International Rally of Queensland this weekend, competition came early in the form of twin engined flying machine as our drivers lined up on the runway with their 300hp Satria Neo S2000.

Although our boys gave their best, the helicopter ended up winning 2 out of the 3 races, with one race won by Chris. Despite the loss, the race was all about having fun and most importantly, to help raise funds for the rescue helicopter service in Queensland which played a massive part during the devastating floods last year. The AGL helicopters will also be flying in volunteers to different parts of the rally on the weekend. These volunteers will be going around collecting donations for the service.

Atkinson and McRae dominated the opening APRC round in Malaysia last month, taking first and third, respectively, in their Satrias. The pair tested earlier this week and Atkinson added: “The engine feels stronger again from Malaysia, it’s more driveable. And the chassis and suspension feel very, very good.”

The Proton pair dominated last year’s Rally of Queensland, winning 15 from 18 stages, but a combination of big rocks and bad luck for the drivers kept them off the top step of the podium.

“We showed how quick we can be on this event last year,” said Atkinson. “And this year we want to finish the job off. It’s not going to be easy, there’s some good competition out as always, but these stages are more flowing and should suit the S2000 car more than the stop-start nature of the roads in Malaysia.”

The rally is based just north of Atkinson’s family home in Queensland.

“I think we’ll have plenty of family and friends out watching,” “That does raise expectations, but nobody wants to win as much as we do.”


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