Its a cold and wet day in Longyou, Zhejiang, China as we start the rally in our campaign to secure the Manufacturers title.

While Proton will fight it out with Mitsubishi for the cup, with Finnish driver Jari Ketomaa leading the charge, Alister McRae and Chris Atkinson will fight it out in an all-PROTON showdown for the driver’s title.

Proton Motorsports leads the way with car no.1 and 2. in a rally with over 90 cars, an amazing turnout for the China Rally Championship and last round of the APRC 2011.








After the ceremonial start, the first super special (1.82km) was run just outside Longyou town with Alister McRae finishing 1st in front of Jari Ketomaa and 3rd placed Chris Atkinson.

Alister 1:44.3, Ketomaa(FIN) 1:45.3 and Chris 1:45.6








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