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“Spot The Difference” online contest – we’ve picked the winners!

Hey guys, so you’ve spotted the differences and you’ve proven that indeed you are our true fans, besides having fabulous eyesight of course 🙂

The time has come….*drum roll* and the winners are……

Day 1 Winners

1. Dextrous
2. Eric Chen
3. Eric Ong
4. Nutzeywagon
5. Steve Robinson

Day 2 Winners

1. Nazim Idris
2. Richard BL Ong
3. Ron Imza
4. Muserella
5. Misako

Day 3 Winners

1. Phil
2. Speed
3. Khayrul Shahril
4. David
5. Ivan Ng

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners! You’ve won an exclusive autographed poster and merchandise. You’ll be hearing from us soon on the collection of your prizes via the email addresses provided.

Have a lovely evening!